Kendrick on art

"Americans expect great art every season, every fashion change, every flick of the channel-- it doesn't happen that way. There are higher rules, a divine law ruling our universe, of which art is not only a basic need, but a vehicle of movement"

"Does anyone look closely enough to see how abstract Rembrant really was? One brush stroke tells it all."

Kendrick's Art

Kendrick 's undaunted abstractions express an ongoing intense  exploration into the soul and the unconscious,, in oppositon to  the eye and the realistic image  of picture making. His work draws the viewer into the  mystical interaction between artist and paint on canvas. With sweeping splashes of fluid color creating a sense of movement, dramatic dads, dribbles and pools of primary pigment--reds, blues and yellows--as well as strong strokes of black and white--David Kendrick accomplishes an emergence of passionate, intense, yet controlled abstractions. Kendrick's paintings reward the viewer not only with aesthetic delight, but instructive insight as well. His artistic commentary is predominately positive. His works for the inner voice which serches the unknown,that mystical metamorphosis that sometimes appears, sending out vibrations called art. 

"Behind great art, be it painting, sculpture, dance or music-- there is great obsession."

"Art is a form of communication which evokes a specific meaning to each individual viewer."

‚ÄčDavid L Kendrick